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Reknowned tobacco blender Erik Stokkebye will be attending this months Pipe Club meeting on Tuesday, April 7th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. He represents Phillips & King International, which distributes several pipe and tobacco lines, including Erik’s own 4th Generation Tobaccos. Erik will be introducing the new lines of pipes and tobaccos we will be adding to our inventory.

Erik will be presenting his 4th Generation Pipes. The pipes are made in Denmark and developed by Erik and an undisclosed pipe maker. There are 4 shapes available; 1855, 1897, 1931 and 1957 –as with the tobacco each shape is based on the birth year of the four generations.

There are three finishes, one black rustic, one smooth reddish/brown and one natural finish. The briar is aged Italian briar and the stems are made of acrylic. The retail prices ranges from $175 to $220 depending on the finish.

The 4th Generation Pipes are stamped with the birth year of the particular Stokkebye generation they represent and have an attractive bronze band engraved with the 4th Generation logo. Each pipe comes in an Italian leather bag and a box

Erik will also be introducing the new Comoy pipe lines which retail from $95 to $140. Philips & King International also owns the trademark for Comoy Pipes in the US, and they will be bringing back the brand. They will be made in France at the Chacom factory, which has a connection with the old Comoy’s company and family.

The Chacom-Comoy Connection

The Comoy family started making briar pipes in Saint-Claude, France in 1856. In 1870, Henri Comoy decided to include his cousins (or nephews, depending on which article you read), the Chapuis in the business. While the company grew, London became a big market for pipes, and Comoy moved there.

Starting in 1879, Comoy started making pipes in London as their primary production, but still made some in France under different brand names, but not Comoy. In 1922, the Saint-Claude factory was renamed Chapuis Comoy & Cie. In 1928, the Saint-Claude factory developed the brand Chacom using the first three letters of the two family names: CHA from Chapuis and COM from Comoy. In 1945, Chacom and Comoy split into two separate companies.

From 1965 through the 1990s, the Comoy company, trademarks and brands had different ownerships. No Comoy pipes have been produced since the early 2000s.







(Mar 7) - We are happy to announce the addtion of the Rattray's and Chacom line to our ever expanding pipe inventory. Currently we stock pipes from Savinelli, Peterson, Butz-Choquin, Comoy, Rossi, Servi and Big Ben.




(Feb 15) - Since Christmas, we have expanded our inventory, and brought in 50 new sticks. If it's hot, we want it. We are continually striving to stock the hottest new boutique offferings that are generating buzz in the market. Stop in and see what's new.


(Feb 15) - Pipe smokers will be pleased to know our bulk selection has been expanded to thirty-six (36) different blends of aromatic and non-aromatic pipe tobaccos. All bulk tobaccos are sold by the ounce.

(Feb 5th) -We have added the Caldwell Cigars to our inventory. Robert Caldwell, formerly worked with Christian Eiroa and has now formed his own cigar company. "The purpose of Caldwell Cigars is to go wherever we must to find the most exotic flavors we can,” he says. The Caldwell Collection is made up of a number of very unique brands that utilize these premium rare tobaccos. These cigars are generating a lot of buzz on social media, and are selling very well.



The Kanawha Order Of Kapnismologists meet on the first Tuesday of every month. This month (March 3rd), Dennis Blunt of Scandvanian Tobacco Group will be conducting a seminar on blending pipe tobacco. Attendees will be making their own custom blends to be judged, and a winner will be selected. The winner will assign a name to the blend and it will be added to The Squire inventory of bulk tobacco blends.

UPDATE (March 4)
Congrats to Derrick Henson for producing the winning blend at the event. Derrick named his blend "Fisherman's Dream", and we have added to our bulk inventory.


(Nov 1) - Thursday, November 13th, 5:00 - 8:00PM. Come out and join us for "Nicaraguan Nights". David Ludwig from J.C. Newman will be joining us to promote Peral Del Mar and Brickhouse cigars. Admission is $10 per person, and the fee will be applied to any purchase. Food and drinks will be provided. There will be door prizes, raflles and promo pricing throughout the evening.

Click here for details.


(Sep 6) - Wednesday, September 24th, 5:00 - 8:00
PM. Come out and join us for "Break The Bank". We'll be roasting sticks and sampling H.Upmann's new release "The Banker". Admission is $10 per person, and the fee will be applied to any purchase. Food and drinks will be provided. There will be door prizes, raflles and promo pricing throughout the evening.


(Aug 3) - Come out and join us for a summer evening of fun. It's Stogiefest. We'll be roasting sticks and sampling the brand new release from Don Pepin Garcia, the La Antiguedad. This cigar was the hit of IPCRP 2014, and is guaranteed to be one of the year's best releases. We just received our first shipment of these smokes, and aren't opening them up until the event. Admission is free, and we'll have plenty of food and drinks available. There will be door prizes, raflles and special cigar deals throughout the evening.



(May 10) - Our first party event of the season. We're kicking off the 2014 party season in style with the Ashton Taste of Excellence Event on Wednesday June 4th, from 6:00PM - 9:00PM. We will be featuring the Ashton La Aroma De Cuba line of cigars, but will also have special pricing on additional Ashton products, including Ashton Classic, and San Cristobal. The Liquor Company will be joining us for the event, and will have a Bourbon, Scotch, and Wine tasting. There will also be raffles and door prize items.

Tickets for the event are $10.00. You will receive a cigar of your choice,, a raffle ticket and a $10 credit for the purchase of any Ashton product. That’s right . . . you pay $10 and you get a cigar, raffle ticket, food, snacks, soft drinks, and $10 back on the purchase of any Ashton products for this event.




Saturday, February 15th, 2:00PM - 5:00PM

(Feb 2) - The Squire will be hosting a book signing, meet and greet with West Virginia author, and Bram Stoker Award winner, Michael Knost. Michael will be signing his new novel "Return Of The Mothman".


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